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Bluetooth Neckloop

Bluetooth Neckloop
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Bluetooth Neckloop Details:

The main purpose of the bluetooth spy earpiece set is to provide invisible communication over mobile phone.Ideal for: making speech at a meeting or negotiations, playing gambling, taking tests, Security protection, Media & training appearances, Surveillance and detective.

Easy for use:

1. Put button cell into earpiece, and enter ear.

2. Around headset loop to neck, start Bluetooth headset.

3. Use any phone with Bluetooth function to pair with the headset.

4. Okay now. Call your phone, speak with mic of loop.

5. Control volume button of cell phone and Bluetooth headset both.

Earpiece Specification:

Frequency Range: 200Hz~5400Hz

Distortion Rate: <2%

S/N Radio at 2KHz: >5KHz

Saturated Output(OSPL 90dB): 110dB

Ralative Sensitivity Limit: <-90dB

Static Current: 0.80mA

Battery Life (SR416SW battery): 2.5~5hrs

Bluetooth Neckloop specification:

Bluetooth handsfree: is Nokia BH103 earset

Transmission range: to earpiece < 20cm, to cellphone <10 meter

Working frequency: 2400~2480MHz

Bluetooth size: 2.7x5.9x1.9cm

Neckloop: D0.3 x L84cm

Bluetooth & neckloop color: Black

Integrated Microphone: Yes

Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth-equipped phone

Bluetooth passward is "0000"

Package content:

  •  Earpiece
  •  Battery
  • Bluetooth loop
  •  Usb cable
  •  Charger

How to use:

Who Needs Spy Earpiece?The most people delusion, especially who have never used wireless spy earpiece gadgets, is that the spy earpieces can be only used by dishonest students. But it is not true. You can also take advantage of spy communication with the help of a miniature wireless spy earpiece.

There the list of careers that may use spy earpiece:

Businessman: What is a successful businessman? It is a successful man who feels confident in front of a large audience. Successful businessman can exhibit his ideas in a convincing manner. And now the question? Do you think he has all these abilities given to him by nature? Of course, they aren't! You can also feel persuasive and confident if you use spy gsm gadget. You can receive necessary information in real time by this gadget while carrying on negotiations.

Public man: The main advantage of a public man is confidence in front of a large audience. If you is a public man, you always in the center of everybody‚Äôs attention. You make no mistakes. But if you sight-read your speech you will lose trust and respect. So the best solution to this problem is again wireless spy earpiece gadgets. Your assistant will make sure you remember all your arguments.

Policies: During the press conference, during an interview at the time of election rallies and debates, you can use the spy earpiece to communicate with your staff, to support communication with your helpers.

Security Guard: It is very difficult to keep the situation under control. Special secrets used by all professional guards are wireless spy earpiece. With the help of this spy gadget you can receive information about what is going on in another place. You can give also instructions to co-workers. Thereby, you can intermingled with the crowd and keep everything under control.

A police officer: You can use the earpiece in any emergency - it will never fail you. During the special operation, during normal daily raids, during proverkiki premises, while patrolling the streets. In any situation, you can keep in touch with a partner or with a central office.

Student: Cannot but mentioning students as the basic users of the spy gadgets. Thanks to the wireless spy earpiece you can pass any exam without sleepless nights. According to researches, the most of students who use the spy gadgets not careless people. On the contrary, they are people which on some reasons make it impossible to get ready to the exam in time.

Unemployed: When searching for a new job you will need to spy earpiece. You will be able to pass any job interview and get a paying job. You only need to buy the spy earpiece and you will be hired to work on that dream.

These are some professions that need assistance. But this list is not limited only by refer careers. Now you know the key to success. So do not waste your time to achieve your purpose with the help of an outstanding spy gadget - wireless spy earpiece.