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Spy Devices

Android Style ING Family Protection Monitor Green
Product Details: Android Style ING Family Protection Monitor Green Function: take pho..
7,999 Rs/-
Bluetooth Neckloop
Bluetooth Neckloop Details: The main purpose of the bluetooth spy earpiece set is to provide ..
15,000 Rs/-
Bluetooth Pen for Wireless Spy Earpiece
Bluetooth Pen for Wireless Spy Earpiece Features of Inductive Bluetooth Pen Mul..
15,000 Rs/-
Camera Glasses
Camera Glasses Details: HD Spy Glasses Resolution (1280 * 960 )   External Memor..
5,500 Rs/-
Camera Glasses 1080p full HD
Camera Glasses 1080p full HD 1. World's first HD quality video camera eyewear with encryption..
12,000 Rs/-
Camera Key Chain 1080P
Camera Key Chain 1080p Camera Key Chain 1080p in Pakistan is now available in improved des..
9,000 Rs/-
Camera Lighter 720p
Camera Lighter If you feel that there is something devious going around in your environment ..
6,500 Rs/-
Camera Pen
Camera Pen The  4 GB Spy Pen Camera (1 year warranty) is currently the wo..
3,999 Rs/-
Camera Pen HD 1080p
Camera Pen HD Camera Pen HD in Pakistan is designed to operate as a spy pen with hidden ca..
4,999 Rs/-
camera wall clock
Product Details: HD Spy Camera Motion Detection Watch Mini DVR Clock  Motion Detecti..
9,999 Rs/-
Camera Watch
Product Details: Product Details: 1240 x 960 Full HD video resolution Watch Camera  ..
4,500 Rs/-
Digital Quran Pen
Quran Read Pen is an assistive reading device that is designed for Muslims / non-Muslims lear..
5,000 Rs/-
HD Pen Camera 8 GB
Description:  It is equipped with various practical functions integrating digital pho..
4,999 Rs/-
Hidden Camera Button
Button Camera Camera Button in Pakistan with video recording is a high definition photographic ..
7,000 Rs/-
Lighter Spy Camera Product Details: So what are some basic elemen..
7,499 Rs/-
Spy Cam GSM Bug In 3 in1
    Product Details:   3 in 1Mini GSM bug monitor, Spy Hidden came..
7,999 Rs/-
Spy Cam watch 1080IR
This digital camera watch is a perfect combination of a fashionable watch and a surveillance devi..
13,000 Rs/-
Spy Camera Thermometer
  Product Details: This spy camera can act as a monitor, alarm or guard and can..
7,999 Rs/-
Spy Device Detector
This product uses active laser scanning and passive wireless method of combing the sweep can ..
6,500 Rs/-
Spy Digital Table Clock
    Product Details: In modern life there is no time for parents to check t..
9,999 Rs/-
Spy glasses 720p
Camera Glasses 720p Buy your Camera Glasses 720p in Pakistan today, because life is full o..
8,500 Rs/-
Spy GSM Mouse
Product Discription: This GSM Computer Mouse is another professional audio surveillance devic..
7,499 Rs/-
Spy GSM Sim Phone Device
Product Details: Put a SIM card in the device,just phone it then you could hear the surroundi..
3,999 Rs/-
Spy Key Ring
Product Details: Stand by time : 2 hours   Video formate : avi   Vi..
3,500 Rs/-
Spy Socket Video Camera
Product Details: Memory : 8GB Battery backup : 1-2 Hours Warranty : ..
7,499 Rs/-
Spy USB HD Camera
  Product Details: Motion Ac..
7,000 Rs/-
Spy Watch
Product Details: Product Details: 1240 x 960 Full HD video resolution Watch Camera  ..
5,500 Rs/-
Table Clock Spy Hidden Camera Mirror Motion Detection
Product Details: This product is a multifunctional clock provides the DV function..
8,999 Rs/-
Wall Listening device
Technically speaking the device is pretty simple. It works by amplifying the vibration of audio. ..
4,500 Rs/-