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What is Meta Slim ?

This slimming oil helps in removing already accumulated fat on various body parts and gives away the better results.

Not just that, the procedure is also beneficial for the people having High Blood Pressure and diabetic problems.

Meta Slim contains green tea extract, bitter orange extract, ginger root, yerba mate and cayenne pepper.

These ingredients help in loosening the excessive body weight.

The product is 100% natural, thermogenic and free from ephedrine.

The Meta Slim India will definitely helps in losing your extra body weight.

How Meta Slim works?

  • Meta Slim is a unique invention that enables the body to extract energy from the food and not turns it into fat. The product with its proper usage starts reducing fat accumulated on various parts of the body over past years.
  • The product works great for your appetite and even improves your digestive system.
  • It prevents fat deposition on various body parts and results in controlling obesity problems.
  • The product provides proper shape to your body including your waistline and hipline.
  • It also controls the formation of fatty acids in other body parts for complete fitness.
Meta Slim

How to use?

  • Take 1 - 2 teaspoons of Meta Slim daily along with lukewarm water before sleeping. Follow the procedure for about 2 months.

Meta Slim Weight Loss most Effective On:

  1. Obesity
  2. Acid stomach
  3. Gastric problems
  4. Constipation
  5. Stomach Ache
  6. High Blood Pressure etc

Meta Slim Weight Loss Ingredients:

Each 100 ml. contains:

  • Trifla (40.0 gms.), Vaividang (15.0 gms.), Nagarmotha (22.0 gms.)
  • ,Ajwain (7.0 gms.), Arjun (7.0 gms.), Pippali (7.0 gms.), Sendhav 2.0 gms.

Meta Slim Weight Loss Package Contains:

  1. 2 bottles of powder-175 gm each
  2. 2 bottles of oil-175 ml each
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